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    1. We are a nonprofit, non denominational organization that is made up of Christian people who do not believe that you have to be any Church denomination, but we believe without Christ you are doomed to hell.


    2. We recognize the need of others and help them get back on their feet.


    3. We have a newsletter that is being distributed to prisons, jails, and homeless shelters in the State of Florida. We collect letters from inmates, articles of praise, and other items that we feel would give the ones who read it hope, understanding and love that only God can give.


    4. We lead prisoners and their family members to the Lord.


    5. We counsel ex-prisoners and their wives.


    6. We send and give out Bibles, tapes, sermons, and pamphlets.


    7. We send cards and letters to prisoners all over the State of Florida.


    8. We provide good wholesome books to read.


    9. We are working hard to help stop the same person from re-entering the prison system again and again.


    10. We are teaching the ex-prisoner the basics of life. Not to just give them a fish but to teach them how to fish. We are helping the ex-prisoner to find a job, housing and transportation.


    11. We stand ready to be God’s hands, mouth and feet. To spread His Word and to Glorify Him.


    12. God is using us in a mighty way to draw people to Christ through our Homeless, Street Outreach, Prison, Drug and Youth Programs.