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    Love and Compassion Ministries works directly with numerous, very wonderful, Christian drug and alcohol programs.   We believe that without Jesus Christ you cannot be delivered from your addictions.


    Many times we go to court and ask the judge to allow a person to complete a drug program rather than going to prison.


    We do our own evaluations of people who desire to stop living under the bondage of alcohol and drugs and help the ones that want real change in their lives!   We do all we can to make sure that when we recommend a person to a program that it is the right place, at the right time and that the person will be able to complete the program.  Love and Compassion Ministries makes all the arrangements for the entry, including transporting the person to the program.


    It is so nice to see the change in people’s lives after completing a nine month, or more, in-house Christian drug program.

    All of our services and most of the programs are free to the clients.


    If you or someone you know is on drugs and are ready to give them up forever, please go to Resources / Forms.   Complete the Consent Form along with the Information Form and mail them back to us at:


    Love and Compassion Ministries, Inc.

    P.O. Box 152636

    Cape Coral, Florida 33915


    Call us at 239-574-5683 if you have any questions.


    Love And Compassion Ministries, Inc.