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    Lee County has more than 3,400 homeless people living out of their cars, under bridges, in the woods and various other places where the police will allow them to sleep.   They are in need of shelter, yet all the shelters are, and have been, full for months.   These people feel like an outcast of society and need hope.   Many are temporarily homeless due to a job situation or illness that has drained them of finances.


    Love And Compassion Ministries is trying to open a place known as God’s Place that will provide essential life skills, social skills, and practical work experience.   We wish to have our “graduated” residents to be able to integrate back into society as wholesome individuals.


    Individuals from the community who have an interest in helping the homeless succeed, need to call Ron Willis at 239.574.5683.


    Any person who is taken off the streets will be considered a victory. Our first primary focus is getting the families with children off the streets.   We have put entire families on the bus and sent them back to their families in other states.   We have given gas cards to people traveling “back home” and we have provided mechanical repairs to people’s cars to help them get to work.


    We are working to find people jobs, temporary housing and items that will sustain them until the economy gets better.