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    1.     To introduce as many lost people to Jesus Christ as possible.


    2.     To give God all the glory for any and all work that this ministry accomplishes.


    3.     To minister to the needs of the people as inspired and directed by God.


    4.     Be committed to being good stewards of all our resources including time and money.


    5.     To always present ourselves in a Godly manner.


    6.     We vow to have respect of persons just as God has respect of persons and we are his representatives here on earth, thus reflecting His love to all.


    7.     To work with individuals, area churches, organizations, and communities for the betterment of mankind.


    8.     To seek God through prayer for guidance and direction in every step this ministry takes, as well as seeking Him for the needs of others.


    9.     Live our lives according to God’s word and the convictions He places in our hearts.