The Street Outreach Ministry is a wonderful integral part of Love And Compassion Ministries.   The Street Outreach Ministry team takes the Word of God to the streets along with hotdogs, hamburgers, chicken and all kinds of other good things to eat. 


People come around to get nourished as the team cooks on a large outside grill.  The smell is wonderful and the food is mouth-watering.   They feed the people good wholesome food as they also deliver an awesome message that our Lord has put on there hearts to preach that particular night. 


All agree that the fellowship is wonderful and people come from all around to see, feel, and sense the power of the Holy Spirit.  Many would never come within a Church frame work, but would listen to the Word of God being taught on the streets.


This is a ministry that is so needed. 




Outreach Ministry is having the Church

come to the people.